Meet Jeff

Proven Leadership

From childhood, I learned to stand up for what’s right and that when I witness injustice, it’s my duty to speak up. Recent events in Wilmette exposed a disconnect between our community’s values and those of our village board. I was compelled to stand up and ask others to join me in representing our community’s voice, and we enacted real change.

Neighborhood Organizer

From helping Wilmette do what we can to protect our climate, to better roads, inter­governmental cooperation and transparency, preserving Wilmette’s historic charm, and making Wilmette even more safely walkable and bikeable for our families, I’ve been deeply engaged in local issues. It’s important to me that all families in Wilmette receive the highest quality services.

Ethics Reform

I want to bring ethics reform, to stop the revolving door of former officials becoming village lobbyists. I will work to provide stronger conflict of interest disclosures for our elected local officials.

I am proud to raise my children in Wilmette and want to instill that same sense of pride in my kids. They can look back and know that “Dad helped Wilmette be all it can be.”