Why I’m Running

I want to make our local government work for all the people of Wilmette and align with the views of the community. There is a palpable East/West divide in our village. I will work to heal and address these imbalances. I want the whole village to feel accessible to residents walking and biking around Wilmette: the downtown business district, the lakefront, the library, our schools, while addressing the current dangers.

Better Governance

Wilmette has unfilled village commissions, languishing in their mandated duties, and I’d like to ensure that’s fixed. Even our town’s governments, park district, library district, and village seem divided and territorial at times–unable to seamlessly work together for the residents of Wilmette.

Our village board has, in particular, demonstrated how out of touch it is with us residents over the past two years. I want to introduce ethics reform, to stop the revolving door of former officials becoming village lobbyists.

Fixing Our Roads

We need representation from progressive leaders who will better support each of our families. We need more leaders dedicated to environmental stewardship, and who are committed to reinvestment in our roads, services, and other infrastructure to keep Wilmette the same great place we chose to take root. And we all know how dilapidated our roads have become, especially in comparison to our neighboring communities. One of my first priorities will be fixing our roads.

I have a proven track record accomplishing goals that are in keeping with the values of the community. I’ve demonstrated that I’m not afraid to do and say what’s right to represent the will of the residents of Wilmette. We already have enough bankers and attorneys on our board, and frankly independent voices are sorely needed.

Community Connections

My skills and sensibilities are unique relative to the other candidates and, if elected, would complement and bring additional balance to the board. My community connections are deep: from our temple, to the elementary school my son attends, to the patients my OBGYN wife is constantly bumping into, to the progressive community groups that I’ve helped organize, groups for community biking and walkability, housing, living wages, sustainability, and good governance.

I’ve listened to the voices of this community and I can address their needs and worries. I represent the values that our community cares about and I will proudly and strongly serve the Village of Wilmette.